Genecreate can provide the specific ELISA Kits customization for your need
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ELISA Kits customization

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ELISA Kits customization

Customized ELISA Kit


Service introduction: customers should provide specific antibodies and high purity antigens. GeneCreate will develop the special ELISA kits according to the customer’s customization requirements by ELISA sandwich method, competitive method (test the antigen), indirect method (test the antibody), or competitive method (test the small molecule compound) so as to complete the quantitative detection of protein.


Materials provided by customers: the target protein or small molecule compound; the corresponding antibody; if the customer requires ELISA sandwich method, we need antibodies pairs of different epitopes (monoclonal antibody/monoclonal antibody or monoclonal antibody/polyclonal antibody).


Materials provided by GeneCreate: we will purchase the commercial antibodies, or the antigen will be provided by customers. We prepare monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody for kits development. We provide antibody Biotin labeling, enzyme label plate of high quality, related HRP labeled secondary antibodies, related buffer, color appearance System.


If the customer has any special requirement for reagent, please make a prior explanation.


ELISA Kit customization service