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Insect cells Expression

The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is universally recognized as a powerful and versatile system for production of high quality proteins. Using this technology, Baculovirus DNA is used to carry a foreign gene into suitable, insect host cells, which then translate the foreign gene to make recombinant protein. There are several advantages of insect cells over E. coli such as improved solubility, ability to incorporate post-translational modifications, and higher yields for secreted proteins.

GeneCreate's Baculovirus Expression Platform was developed by our in-house team of scientists for virus production and expression of recombinant proteins from baculovirus-infected insect cells in flexible scale, and the main systems we used is AcNPV-sf9 and BmNPV-BmN, can provide you with free advanced codon optimization and other insect cell lines, to further enhance the expression of your protein. For customers who wish to establish the best possible protocol for their project and then scale up, GeneCreate recommends leveraging our sophisticated Baculovirus Advanced technology to explore different conditions for the expression of target proteins.




1 The diversity of options depends on the Multi expression systems, Multi Hosts,

Multi Carrier of us, thus enhance the success rate of protein expression.

2 Using MAGIC system, only need simply bacteria mixture, and can quickly build a

recombinantbaculovirus plasmid which with highly positive rate, shortly synthesis period.

Could provide the details of protein purified steps, conditions, experimental data and strain with High degree.



Service content

Baculovirus protein expression service





·         Get the  recombinant plasmid


obtaining definite gene

Nucleic acid electrophoresis images

2 weeks

●Restriction enzyme digestion of PCR amplification products and connect with the pFastBac carrier that we reformed.

Obtained correct sequencing of recombinant plasmid

2. virus spread culture

Construction of recombinant baculovirus plasmid

Recombinant baculovirus plasmid

transfect insect cell

●Got the high degree of virus liquid

Recombinant baculovirus plasmid electrophoresis images

High degree of virus liquid

3-4 weeks

3. optimized expression


High drop degree of virus liquid infect insect cells again

Expression product could be detected by western blot and provide SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

Express product sds-page electrophoresis and western blot detection

SDS-PAGE electrophoresis images and western blot analysis

1.5 weeks

4.Protein expression and depuration


●1L Insect cell express system and Protein purification

Purified protein QC report


1-2 weeks







Service Instance

1 Customer need to express a protein, while several times experiment were failed, then ask us for help,After detail analyse their gene sequencing, and clone their gene fragment to our reformed carrier, and transfect BmN Silkworm cells, Finally got the target protein 2mg from 1L sf9 cultivation system, and the purity was 90%, recognized by our clients


2 Customer need to prepare a diagnostic reagents calibration, after we make the detail experimental plan and made painstaking efforts, finally, successfully expressed the proteins, the below table are shown that our expressed protein is close to the natural protein in the gene structure and activity.

At the request of the customer, we use AcNPV - sf9 cell expression system successfully expressed a enzyme, we formulated the related literatures and do the related enzyme activity test for the

enzyme , and got the enzyme activity is 430.8 U/mg, far higher than 254.9 U/mg existed enzyme activity value that reported in some literatures.