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Polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies present in the serum of immunized animals, which can be obtained by direct isolation from the serum. Due to the advantages that it can recognize multiple epitopes, can cause agglutination reaction, precipitation reaction and so on, polyclonal antibody is widely used in the field of immunological diagnosis, often used as enzyme-labeled secondary antibody in Western blotting experiments and coating antibody in ELISA experiments.
GeneCreate’s polyclonal antibody preparation platform established a series of technology platforms and animal breeding bases with antibody platform at the core, it can provide multiple polyclonal antibody preparation service systems include rabbit, mice, rat, guinea pig, etc. for your free choice which belongs to your specific needs!

Platform advantages:
One-stop - provide one-stop antibody service from gene to antigen to antibody;
Diversification - provide polyclonal antibody preparation services of rabbit, mice, rat, guinea pig and other systems;
Application - can screen antibodies according to your application needs and verify the identification of natural sample for you to remove the worries;
Strict quality control - Provides ELISA, WB, IHC, IF, IP, ChIP and other basic test, and custom guaranteed antibodies of chemiluminescence, colloidal gold, latex enhanced immune turbid metric, etc. which are applied to clinical diagnosis.

Provided by customer:
Antigen (protein purity is more than 90%, the protein molecular weight is required greater than 10 kDa, soluble protein concentration is between 1-5mg / ml; polypeptide purity is greater than 90%, more than 10 AA, conjugated KLH / BSA / OVA or other carrier protein; for antigen of other types – please consult specifically), also can choose antigen prepared by GeneCreate.

Final delivery:
1 ~ 2mL antisera before and after immunization, 10-15mg purified antibody;
Survey reports, including the immunogen sequence, SDS-PAGE electrophoresis pattern, expression clone sequencing report, ELISA titer assay results, and according to customer needs, provide antibody verification result, such as WB, IHC, IP, IF, etc.

Service contents: