Fast and successful Mammalian cells Expression by Genecreate
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Mammalian cells Expression

The mammalian cell expression system platform of GeneCreate Biological Engineering Co., Ltd  was established by experienced experts in the area. Our services are including vector construction, plasmid extraction, cell transfection, WB or ELISA identification, Amplification and purification, also could provide you recombinant proteins sufficiently and quickly, and you can get the satisfied experimental result shortly



1 Using the special expression vector and Calcium phosphate transfection method, lipofection,cationic polymer transfection method and several transfection method combined, shorten experimental period, enhance protein expression index.

2 Could provide you transient transfection experiment images, purified product and stable transfection of cell

3 Optimization of expression condition, transient transfection efficiency could reach to 80%~90%;the screening period of stable cell transfection is around 1~2 month.

4 Have the ability of amplification culture cells massively,could provide mg level Mammalian cell expression proteins


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